Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My quirkinesses

My friend, Stacey, tagged me to write about 6 quirks that I took me a while to think about them, I know that I am quirky, but it is hard to come up with 6, but here is my list....

#1 When I was pregnant with my first daughter, 22 years ago, one day I was totally starving, so I took out not one can of Chef-Boy-Ardee Raviolis, but two cans to eat. I didn't even heat them up, I opened the cans and woofed them down. To this day, I can't look, smell or eat Raviolis, it grosses me out. I won't even buy them for my own kids.

#2 Everyone who knows me, I think knows this about me....I will only eat toast and a cup of chocolate milk (with Nestle Quik, NOT Hersheys syrup) for breakfast. I don't like the smell of food in the morning, and toast fills me up until lunch time. I will only drink chocolate milk at breakfast, I can't drink milk any other time during the day.

#3 This kind of goes with #2...I NEVER drink the last inch of anything in my cup. It drives my husband batty!!!! For some reason, it just reminds me of backwash. Oh, and I do not like to share my drinks with ANYBODY, not even my kids.

#4 This one is kind of embarrassing....but, whenever I step into my house, the first thing that I do is undo my pants button. I feel like I have to suck my tummy in all day long, so as soon as I get home, it is time to breath!!! As a matter of fact, when my friends come over, I usually do not button them up...they are used to it!!!

#5 I hate slurpers and people who make noise when they eat. Drives me crazy. My family would make noises and show their food while eating just to tick me off. I am always on my kids to eat with their mouths closed so I don't have to hear them chewing. Do I sound like a mean mom?

#6 I will not use public toilets, and I have never used a port-a -potty. I will hold myself until I am about to burst. I have used toilets while camping, but I will stand over them. Oh, and when I travel, I get totally sick because I can't go "real" potty in stange places.


The Moarefdoust Family said...

You're funny Diana! I'll take your quirkinesses over Stacey's though. ha ha (sorry Stacey)

Stacey said...

Diana...I knew you'd have funny things to say and although I know you well, I din't know a lot of those things. I never remember seeing your button undone, then again, bathrobes don't have buttons :> Funny about the potty's. I'd rather go in the bush than use a porta potty. On the way home from Utah when I was prego I had to go every 30 min. We just pulled off the side of the road. It didn't bother me at all!