Monday, December 29, 2008


Boston Red Sox's World Series Plates 2004 and 2007 in the Absolute Club

I set of the alarm to the case by leaning against it. But no one came to turn the alarm off.

my awesome cousin dennis who gave me a tour of the park

outside of gate D of Fenway Park

the old wooden chairs that have been there forever i dont know how some people fit in them

Me and Dennis in the first row. It was crazy to be so close

up in the monster sitting area 65 feet high

the green monster left field post

In the EMC Club all the Silver baseball bats. Next to Ted Williams

Cy Young Awards Roger Clemens

outside the State Street Pav. cCub

Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame Me and the "Babe"

view from the press box (Jerry Remy)aka Rem Dog
Today I went to Fenway Park with my cousin Dennis who works there. My Great Grandpa Albie took me to the park. We rode the bus through where he grew up and talked about how much it has changed. The park right now is under construction so there was some parts that I could not go to but I was able to go see alot of different areas some that they dont even show you when you are getting a tour. I was able to see the EMC Club, The Suite where they have press conferences, The Press Box and a couple of different clubs that they have. It was so amazing to see the different news paper articles and jerseys that they had from back in the day. Also to see how they are changing it and how some of it still has areas thathave not changed for years. I was so excited to see all of it. And thanks to Dennis I was able to.

Freedom Trail

old state house, boston massacre took place in front of it
faneul hall

1st black soldiers

state building

Boston Common

Emily, Paul Revere and me!

Yesterday I walked the freedom trail with my cousin emily. It was so amazing to stand where history took place and buildings that were built so long ago. I had so much fun seeing all the different sites. I cant wait to see more.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random pictures from Christmas

Brenton, Mike, me and Bristyn at Millies house.
Our nephew, Jace, on his Dads lap...and my sister, Michelle, who I never get a good picture of.

The cutest little boy in the world, our nephew, Jayton.

Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Brenton and Jacob.

Bristyn and Jamie.

Me and my sister, Liz.

This Christmas was kind of lonely....Britnee was in Boston with my mom and my side of the family, she is loving meeting everyone. Bradley is in Vancouver now and he spent it with Auntie Lil and her family. It was pretty quiet. I have been feeling horrible for about a month now and finally went in to the doctors....I have an ear infection, sinus infection and the flu. I should have gone to the doctors weeks ago, but I thought that it was just a cold, I am miserable, so miserable that on Christmas eve, I forgot to put the gifts under the tree...poor Bristyn and Brenton, on Christmas morning, there was nothing for them when they ran to the living room. I did feel like the worse mom. My head and body feel like they are going to explode!!! We went down to Denver to Millies house with the whole family to have Christmas dinner, which was alot of fun.

Photos from Christmas in Boston

Jill Kelly, Aunt Nancy
Lil Danny, Britnee, and Jill Kelly (Dannys Wife)

Britnee and Uncle David
James, Cheryl, Auntie Susie, Britnee, Billy

All the cousins except Jill, Mary, Dennis, David,
Lil Danny, Emily, Britnee

Britnee and Great Grandpa Albie

Britnee and Emily

Grandma, Britnee and Nana

Grandma and Britnee
Dennis, Crazy Heidi, Uncle Danny and Britnee

Britnee and Jack, Jills Son

Friday, December 26, 2008

Britnee's Christmas

For Christmas I asked to go to visit my grandma in Boston. So my mom and dad bought me a ticket to come out here so I can meet all my family on this side. It has been alot of fun. It was weird and sad not to be with my parents and borthers and sister for the holiday but I got to see my grandma who I have not seen in a couple of years and who I miss very much. But I do miss my mom and dad alot. They are the best parents anyone could ask for. I love them for giving me the chance to come out here. I will add photos later.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend at Copper Mountain

Bristyn and Brenton being goofy (as usual!!!)....This is inside of the eating area at Copper Mountain.
Bristyn getting ready to try snowboarding for the first time.

Brenton with his first attempt on snowboarding.

Brenton just enjoying the view!!!

This was a common sight, Bristyn on the ground!!!

This past weekend, for our anniversary, we decided to take the kids snowboarding for their first time. I know, sounds romantic, doesn't it?? We went up to Copper Mountain, which is right next to Breckenridge. It was FREAKIN cold!!! It snowed the whole entire day, but it was awesome. Brenton just decided to get on a ski lift and go for it, we couldn't believe it, he did great!!! Not to be outdone by Brenton, Bristyn went up with him the second time....let's just say, she spent most of her first run on the ground. By the end of the day, they had gotten the swing of it and they loved it. Bradley has some competition with his little brother now!!! Mike and I were laughing so hard watching them fall down, why do I find pleasure in things like that? It was a fun weekend, but the drive home was slow....the road conditions were horrible from all the snow. Now the kids want to go all the time....

Who is married to the BEST guy???

ME!!!!!! Happy 22nd anniversary....I have the best husband in the world, seriously!!! I can make a huge list of the reasons that I love my Mike, but I don't want to make everyone jealous!!! Just know that I love you Mike, always and forever!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Bradley is going to college.....

Today is a bitter sweet day in my life....tomorrow morning, Mike and Bradley are going to be driving to Vancouver, Washington to drop Bradley off for college. He is going to be living with my Aunt Lillian (thank you Auntie Lil)....I am very excited for him, he will be going to Clark College and getting back into running there. It seems like he just came back home though, and we will miss him, but there comes a time in their life when they have to move on to bigger and better things, and college is one of those things.

Christmas tree

I finally got our Christmas tree up and decorated....I love real trees, I love the smell of them in our house. I am not good at decorating a tree, but I love the colors of purple and gold on the tree.