Saturday, January 29, 2011

My new obsession!!

I have a new obsession and I think my husband likes it!!! My sister, Liz, works for LeCreuset and I have become totally addicted to their cookware. They are pretty expensive and I would never be able to afford them if it wasn't for her discount!! My goal is to buy one piece a month until I have the whole collection. Everything I cook, seems to taste better when I use these pans, I absolutely love them. They are also so pretty, I have been collecting the kiwi color cause I love the color green. It seems as I have been cooking alot more since I started using LeCreuset.

Onto my next obsession, Brenton, my little guy! After wrestling season was over at school, we decided to put Brenton in a wrestling club so he could continue practicing and learning. Today we went to a tournament in Loveland called the Pikes Peak Tournament and Brenton came in first place in his division, we are so proud of him. He got some scratches and got his ego hurt during one of the matches, but he pulled himself together and won! He loves wrestling and he is such a natural at it, maybe its because his older brother always beat him up!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is it already January???

These are my first attempts at using my new camara. While we were in Washington, I took a trip down to Portland, Oregon to shop at Ikea and Monticellos. I bought that cute white, chippy box. Actually, it is quite big. Filled it with some things that I had around the house, but I had to add the new picture of Caralynn!!!

Munching on a candy cane at Uncle Mikes house!!!

What is that gross thing in your nose Bristyn???? I am not a fan of nose rings, and I think that she did this to tick me off, but it didn't!!! Our daughter, Britnee, did the same thing when she was in college, but after a couple of days, it was gone....hopefully, Bristyns will be gone soon!!

Hottest grandpa EVER!!!! Mike is sharing a piece of ice with Caralynn, anytime anybody had any food or drink, she was all over it!! By the way, did I ever mention that I have the best husband in the world??? Our anniversary was on December 20th, and he gave me a Canon Rebel....everyone knows how computer illiterate I am, but I am worse with a camara!! That camara makes me feel dumb, definately gonna have to take a class on how to use it!!

I miss this sweet baby girl so much!!! Everytime I see Caralynn, I fall in love with her so much more! I loved our visit with Britnee and Chris, and I so bad just want to be near them. I promised myself that I wouldn't get depressed coming back to Fort Collins after the holidays, but it happened. I am working on counting my blessings here.....