Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last week....

Last week was a tough week for me, let me just say teenagers!!!! I think that Bristyn realized how upset I was, and last Monday, when I got home, I noticed these two cute little birds on my clock plates. It was her way of apologizing to me. They are adorable, and I did forgive her!!

About two months ago, I think it was the June issue of Romantic Homes, they featured an adorable store called Old Glory Antiques. I have been dying to go down to Littleton and check it out. My sister, Liz, and I went down last week, it was totally cute....I thought it was a little expensive though....Liz bought me that basket that is lined with the number 4 on it, it doesn't look very big, but it is. I found these number 6's, so I had to buy them, and I also purchased the thing that is holding a paper clock. Liz treated me to lunch, I have never been to Littleton and it is so worth going to, I need to get out more!!!