Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy fall and catching up (as usual...)

Britnee and Chris...we met up in Longview, Washington for breakfast. Britnee is 23 weeks pregnant in this picture.
Bradley and his new car. He was my driver while I was in Vancouver....

My sick little guy....Brenton has missed the last 2 days of school, but more importantly (according to him) is that he missed his football game today.

While in Vancouver, Washington, I went to Monticellos in Portland, Oregon with my friend, JoDee...she has a booth there, it is called Duchess, wonderful stuff!!! I got this clock face at one of the booths there. I just need JoDee to come to my house and decorate it, she has such a beautiful home....I keep threatening her that I am going to take pictures of her house and do a tour on my blog!!!

For my birthday, JoDee ordered me this pillow that I have been wanting for months, I LOVE IT!! On the back side of it, it has the number 4 on it (because I have 4 kids!!).

Some fall decorations around my house....oh, I also got that tiny little clock at Monticellos.

I love this crow!!! When Mike first saw it, it scared the crap out of him, it actually startled him!!! He was on the phone with Britnee and she said that he screamed...what a wuss!!! LOVE HIM!!! Meaning Mike!!!

Some random leaves hanging from the light fixture.

Front hallway....

I have been very bad about blogging lately....actually, I have been very busy. Brad was here in Fort Collins for about 3 weeks. While he was here, we bought him a car. We decided that I should drive back to Vancouver, Washington with him, yes, that is right, Brad and I in a car for 18 hours!!! I am glad that I went with him, because he was tired of driving after 1.5 hours!! It was nice just being with him, I am sure that I drove him nuts....I was only in Vancouver for one day. We drove up to see Chris and Britnee, she looks so cute pregnant, I miss her and Chris alot. I did some shopping with JoDee, and then had to head to the airport. I miss Vancouver so much, but I will be there next month again!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My husband, the dumpster diver....

I am always reading blogs about people who find these great deals for free furniture on the side of the road, or in peoples garbage, and when I read it, I have to be honest, it kind of grosses me out!!! But then they show what they do with the furniture that they find, and I always love the end result. The other day, we pulled up to our condo, and I looked over near the dumpsters, and I saw this changing table. I had Mike go over to the garbage and see what kind of condition it was in, it was in perfect condition, so he hauled it home!!! I called Britnee to tell her about the treasure we pulled from the garbage, and her reaction was the same that I usually have when I hear something was from the garbage or side of the street!!! All we have to do is paint it pink!! My husband is an official dumpster diver!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The BEST gift of all....

This pillow I got from my sister, Liz. I saw it in the Ballard Design catalog and HAD to have it. So, I called her and begged her to get it for me!! I love it!!
My sweet niece, Jamie, got me this cute iron scroll, it fits perfectly in my kitchen in between two doors that I have in there....she knows her aunt loves anything iron!!!

My sister, Michelle, got me this cute basket that I hung in my kitchen, it looks perfect hanging in there.

My friend, Millie Vanillie, got me this adorable clock...she liked it so much that she even bought herself one!!

Today is my 41st birthday!!! I get spoiled every year by my friends and family. My Bradley came home for a mini vacation in between semesters at college. He is going to be here for two weeks. He wouldn't pose for me, so this is the best picture that I could get of him, I am so happy that he is home, when you only get to see your kids a few times a year, you really need to cherish the times they are with you!!! THE BEST FOR some of you may know, our daughter, Britnee, is pregnant and due January 22nd, we are so excited to be grandparents!! Today, she had her ultrasound and found out that she is having a baby girl, WE CAN'T WAIT!!!! That was the best gift to get, now I know what I need to start buying!!!