Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy birthday Bristyn!!!

Bristyn is 19 years old now!!  We are so proud of her....she had an awesome Freshman year at Western State Colorado University.  She made the Deans list for her grades, she worked in the cafeteria at the school and she made a ton of friends.  She loves it in Gunnison, and she is only 20 minutes from snowboarding!  She is home now for the summer and got a job working at an assisted living facility, which she is loving.  I love having her home for the summer!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guess what I did when Mike was out of town....

 I painted my living room a much lighter color and I am loving it!!!  Brenton helped me with this project since I cannot reach the top of the high ceilings!

 You can see in this picture how dark the walls used to refreshing and brighter now!
 I did have one MAJOR mishap....I dropped a whole tray of paint on the carpet right here, but my friends, Dave and Jolene Clark saved me by coming over and bissel cleaning the carpet until all the paint was gone....I LOVE THOSE TWO!!!

Mikes trip to India

Two weeks ago, Mike had the opportunity to travel to India with his job!  He absolutely loved it!  He thought that it was a great experience and he was excited to meet his coworkers there.  He said that the next time he goes, that I need to go with him!  He especially loved the food there!  He brought some trinkets home for us and his coworkers bought us some things also, we love them, thank you!!!  We are hoping that he has the opportunity to go back to India Brenton wants to go with him also!!!