Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congratulations Bristyn

Bristyn is a freshman this year, but still attends junior high, but they have to do sports for the high school. Bristyn LOVES soccer, she has played it since she was 4 years old, it truly is her passion. This past week they had try outs for the high school team. Competition here in Fort Collins is quite amazing, there is alot of talented soccer players. She really didn't think that she would make the team (I always knew she would!!), we are happy to announce that she made the high school team!!! I made cupcakes to celebrate her huge accomplishment, we are very proud of her and can't wait until the games start!!! Congratulations Bristyn!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Food Storage

Okay, I am excited!!! As you all know, I am a horrible shopper (I get that talent from my mom:), so lately I have been trying to figure out ways to be a better bargain shopper. I have started clipping coupons and shopping at multiple stores instead of just one store. My shopping is taking more time, but the money I am saving is worth it. I got all of these groceries today for under $100!!!! I couldn't believe it. I think that Mike was happy with my shopping also. I have been working really hard towards our food storage this past year, and today I am feeling that I did a wonderful job adding to it. Just so you know, I really never take pictures of my groceries, but I just wanted to share my accomplishment.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mikes weekend project, I LOVE IT!!!

Mike has been very ambitious lately, not only did he do our master bedroom this past week, then he decided to put beadboard in our kitchen....I LOVE IT!!!! Before there was just very ugly artificial wood, so we got some beadboard, painted it black and voila!!! I love the way this condo is turning out. Now can we just get to the bathrooms.....????

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My redone bedroom, I LOVE IT!!!!

Mike and I have been working on our master bedroom for the last week, I absolutely love how it turned out. I painted the walls, and Mike put up the beadboard and chair is alot harder then it looks, but now he is a professional at it!!! I love the new bedding that I found, I have a very hard time finding bedding that I like and when I saw this one, I knew that it would be perfect. I am a plain jane and I like simple things, and this is exactly what I envisioned for my room. I still need to get some curtains and buy some new lamps, I will post pictures when I get that done.

More of the cutest nephews....

I am the proud auntie of these two cute little boys!!!!

Just because I love him.....

I just wanted to post this picture to let everyone know that I have the best husband in the world...he has been working so hard around our condo this past week, redoing our bedroom and right this moment he is doing a project in the kitchen, all while healing his ankle!!! He doesn't ever take a break. He is the best!!!

Happy Birthday Jaeger

Uncle Rusty and the cutest little boy, Jayton.
Mike, Bristyn and Brenton

Me and my wonderful husband!!!! He is hotter then Batman!!!


Jacob and Bristyn

Today was our nephew, Jaegers, 5th birthday party....he got a ton of Wii games, clothes and alot of toys...It was a batman themed party, it was a great little day for Jaeger.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Brad's Birthday

Chris and Brad
Brad playing mini golf
Chris and Britnee
Brad and Britnee

For Brads birthday Britnee asked Mike to buy him a train ticket up to Olympia since she would be there that weekend so that her and Brad could hang out and get him some birthday gifts. They had alot of fun together and Brad was able to get to know Britnees boyfriend Chris better. They went on a tour of Washingtons State Capital, played bowling, mini golf and some shopping. They were able to watch the super bowl game at Chris's parents house which was alot of fun. It was nice that they were able to spend sometime together and hang out and have fun. I miss them both so much.