Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congratulations Bristyn

Bristyn is a freshman this year, but still attends junior high, but they have to do sports for the high school. Bristyn LOVES soccer, she has played it since she was 4 years old, it truly is her passion. This past week they had try outs for the high school team. Competition here in Fort Collins is quite amazing, there is alot of talented soccer players. She really didn't think that she would make the team (I always knew she would!!), we are happy to announce that she made the high school team!!! I made cupcakes to celebrate her huge accomplishment, we are very proud of her and can't wait until the games start!!! Congratulations Bristyn!!!


Dannielle Dilger said...

What a cute girl - and way to go Bristyn. I remember when she would come over and babysit my girls - my girls loved her.

The Moarefdoust Family said...

Way to go Bristyn!! That is soooo awesome!! Mariah can NOT wait until high school soccer.

Shelly's Space said...

Congratulations Bristyn!! You are such a pretty girl!! Good luck on the team:)

Pistolmom said...

Great job on the food storage!!!
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