Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I have officially grounded myself off of ebay. It is addictive to me and it is getting too expensive. I have learned something about myself while shopping ebay...I hate to lose!! I never realized that I was a competitive person until someone beats me in a bid. It sucks. I seriously get ticked off. So, as you know, I love these Baby and Big Ben clocks from the 1920's. I have purchased them all off of ebay and I love every single one of them. But now, I need to stop purchasing them for a while. Mike doubts that I can do that, but I will show him!! But I won't stop any of my friends from getting me any!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers day and Puerto Vallarta

I have to say, I really do think that my kids love me!!! Sometimes you wonder.....especially with teenagers. On Mothers Day, on our way to church, Bristyn told me that I really am the best mom anyone can have. It made me feel so good to hear that from her, its not like she hands out compliments daily to me!! After church, Mike, Bristyn and Brenton made me the best food I have ever had in my life. Mike googled "delicious shrimp recipes" and found one, oh.my.gosh..it was sooo good!! I didn't want any gifts, but Mike got me these flowers. Britnee and Bradley also called, which I think is the best gift!!

On to our trip to Puerto Vallarta.....LOVED IT!!! The first night we were there, we stayed at a hotel that was located on the marina, it had a wonderful view, we took a long walk and had dinner at the Fajita Banana, there is nothing like authentic Mexican food, I can eat it all day!

The second day that we were there, we took an excursion through the jungle, it was absolutely beautiful. We got to see the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta and then we headed out to the jungle. It seems like all the Mexicans kind of get upset about the fact that alot of Americans are buying the land, our tour guide kept calling one area the Beverly Hills of Puerta Vallarta, and said how it didn't belong there!!

This was one of the stops on the tour....the Tequila factory. These are agave fruits that make the tequila. The factory was in the middle of nowhere in the jungle and it was all open, no doors. I don't drink at all, and I would highly recommend going to one of these factories, it was alot of fun. By the end of the tour, most people were drunk from tasting all of the tequila.

We had lunch at a restaurant in the jungle. Mike and I both ordered chicken skewers, as we were eating, we looked down and there was a chicken walking around in the restaurant!! I seriously lost my appetite!!

This is on the beach behind our hotel. It was gorgeous. We were at the beach for only 2 hours, I got so sunburned, I seriously couldn't walk the next day. My joints were killing me, and my chins hurt so deep. Mike had to set a chair up in the shower so I could sit and shower, I was in that much pain. I was actually embarrassed to have to sit in the shower, but Mike thought it was pretty funny. I don't think that he pitied me that much!

We went to a restaurant called Pipis the last night we were there. Highly recommend it. This is the mariachi band, they were great!!! This is my sunburn, I couldn't even wear a bra home on the plane, I am sure that was attractive!

Me and My Mike!!