Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring break cruise

That is our ship in the background, it looks so small, but it is huge!

I love these boys! Brenton is getting so tall....I don't like the fact that he is growing up.

Our favorite restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, it is called Pipis and they have the BEST fresh mexican food that we have ever tasted...they also have a mariachi band that plays, its just a great atmosphere in that restuarant.

This is in Puerto Vallarta, the jungle in the background is where the movie Predator was filmed, it is so beautiful in this area!

Yes, that is me! Bristyn snapped this picture of me, and yes, I walked around Cabo in just a bathing suit, and I didn't even care! I was pretty proud of myself for doing that, because lets face it, my body is showing its age!

This year for spring break, we decided to take Bristyn and Brenton on a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise. I told Bristyn that this was her senior year trip, but she said that it wasn't!! We had a great time, the ship was the Carnival Splendor....we all ate like freakin pigs! Mike got on the scale yesterday and he put on 7 pounds, I however, did not get on the scale! Our ports were 2 days in Cabo San Lucas and one day in Puerto Vallarta, my favorite city! We did some excursions, and had alot of rest and relaxation.