Thursday, June 17, 2010

Already missing her....

I am back from my vacation in Washington, I have been home for 5 days now and I am missing my sweet granddaughter so much already!!! I hate being away from her....I had my nephew over for the last couple of days, and out of the blue, he asked me if I was a devil worshipper because I have the number 6 all over my house!! I never realized it before, but I guess I do. I love the number 6 becaue we have 6 people in our family. So, I took some pictures of the number 6 that I have around our living room. Some exciting news for me today, I won a giveaway from, she is sooo awesome, I have met Melaine a couple of times at Farm Chicks and she is great, go check out her blog!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm Chicks Show

Table from the Blue Canoe booth, this is not a good picture, but this table is so beautiful.
My friend, JoDee, so wanted this bed, it was from Chateau Chic Antiques booth.
I got these pillows, so stinkin adorable!!!
Another shot from the Chateau Chic Anitques.

These two last pictures are from Tartes booth, she is a very talented and creative person.
This was my second year going to the Farm Chicks Show in Spokane, Washington with my friend, JoDee. Let me just say, I absolutely loved it, LOVED IT!!!! Last year, JoDee was a vendor at the show, but this year she took it off because her son is graduating. She WILL be a vendor again next year. At first when I walked in, I was a bit overwhelmed, there were so many people, it kind of was chaotic. I loved all of the booths, there are so many creative people in this world, it is just inspiring. There was a new booth this year called Blue Canoe, they are a husband and wife team from Orange County California, OMG is all I have to say about their booth. I got to see some bloggy friends and meet some new people, everyone is just so genuinely friendly and sweet.
Now, I am in Olympia, Washington visiting my daughter and my sweet granddaughter. I love being here with their little family, they are very easy to spoil, and let me tell you, they let me do that!!! I will be here for the rest of the week and head home to Colorado on Saturday. I am going to need a vacation from this vacation, I am exhausted from spending all of my husbands money!!!!!