Monday, March 22, 2010

My friend Monas house

These pictures are from Monas son, Vikram, his room....I love all the colors that she has on the walls.

This is at the top of the landing right off of the master bedroom, it is so cozy.

Upstairs hallway

Entry way, it is so welcoming!!

Part of the family room.

Eating area and kitchen.

Even her laundry room is decorated.

A sculpture in the upstaris hallway.
While we were in Vancouver, we stayed with our friends, Mona and Anoop. Mona owns her own decorating business called, Elegant Interiors by Mona. she is very talented. It seems that the decorating craze lately is having an all white house, but I love all the color that Mona uses in her home. She has exquisite taste!! She has such an eye for detail. We always feel so welcome in their home, thank you Mona for putting up with the Thompson clan again!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break in Olympia

The reasons that I want to move back to the Northwest!!! I miss this sweet family so much. Caralynn is nine weeks old now and she is adorable! She is smiling the cutest smile, she is also feisty like her mom!
The best looking Grandpa that I have ever seen! WE want to take her home with us!

Our fun loving Bristyn....she really does not like us right now!! First of all, we took her away from all of her friends for spring break, can you believe that? We must be the worse parents in the world, she actually thought that we would let her stay in Fort Collins by herself to hang out with all of her friends! We drove here to Olympia and it took about 18 hours in the car, she didn't talk to us for the first 12 hours (now that I think about it, that was kinda nice!!). When we were looking on the internet at homes, she started crying, she does not want to move. I am really torn about this. My family and close friendships that I have are here in the Northwest, but Bristyn is so happy in Fort Collins. She told me that we can move, but that she is staying in Colorado.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it Spring YET???

I am totally yearning for Spring!! I love the color green, and to me it is such a Spring color...right now in Colorado, everything is still dead and brown. I need the lush green of the northwest!! This Saturday, we are heading to Olympia to visit our daughter and granddaughter, I can hardly wait!!! Bristyn and Brenton have Spring break next week, we were going to go to Las Vegas, but I miss my family so much and I need to see that sweet baby!!

Since I haven't blogged in weeks, I thought that I should mention that Bristyn tried out and made the Fort Collins High School soccer team. They are off to a great start already. This is a picture of Bristyn pigging out on the best chicken noodle soup that I made, sometimes, I am a good mom!!!

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband in the world...Mike turned 42 on March 7th, and all I have to say is that he is getting better with age!! I LOVE HIM!!! Even though he lectures me about my spending habits!!