Monday, March 22, 2010

My friend Monas house

These pictures are from Monas son, Vikram, his room....I love all the colors that she has on the walls.

This is at the top of the landing right off of the master bedroom, it is so cozy.

Upstairs hallway

Entry way, it is so welcoming!!

Part of the family room.

Eating area and kitchen.

Even her laundry room is decorated.

A sculpture in the upstaris hallway.
While we were in Vancouver, we stayed with our friends, Mona and Anoop. Mona owns her own decorating business called, Elegant Interiors by Mona. she is very talented. It seems that the decorating craze lately is having an all white house, but I love all the color that Mona uses in her home. She has exquisite taste!! She has such an eye for detail. We always feel so welcome in their home, thank you Mona for putting up with the Thompson clan again!!!


Stacey said...

When you move here your home will look just as lovely as Mona's!

Shelly's Space said...

Beautiful....I always love looking at different houses....such good ideas. One can always dream:)

Britnee said...

Mom i also love monas house but you know you decorate just as good as her even though you think yours isnt as well put together, I think that it is. i love you

DustyLu said...

Gorgeous home! Thank you for stopping by and visiting me! Good with all the giveaways! ~lulu

Donatella said...

new follower... came over from dustylu my lovely sister!!