Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to my sister Lizs' house

I think that every house in Colorado has some type of a dead animal in it, NOT mine though. I always make fun of her for having this carcass hanging on her wall, but she reminds me that it is also her husbands house.

Those things hanging above the picture of my nephew are antlers that my brother in law finds in the woods. He puts them everywhere...I think that he does it to irritate my sister!!!

This afternoon, I went over to my sister, Lizs' house to help her in her yard, she wanted to surprise her husband while he is out of town. We didn't get far though. We trimmed back some bushes and did some weeding....she needs to get a rotatiller to do the rest!!! I did get some color on my skin though!!

Our busy weekend

For Bristyns birthday and last day of school, we took her and 5 of her friends out to dinner to the Rio Grande. After dinner, we came home and more of her friends came over to hang out, two of her friend boys made her a cake, I think that she had a great birthday. This picture was taken on Saturday night, she is totally exhausted because I think her and her friends stayed up all night Friday night.
Also, this weekend, Brentons soccer team played in the end of the season tournament. It was awesome, as everyone knows, we love soccer!! His team won the tournament, and Brenton was nominated Best All Around player.

On Friday night, Brenton and Mike went fishing and camping with Brentons scout troop from church. Both of them love to fish and camp. Brenton is a real outdoors type of a boy, he would even camp in the snow, not me though.

I am feeling old now...our baby (okay, so he is not a baby anymore) Brenton graduated from elementary school on Friday. No more kids in elementary school!!! It is one of those bitter-sweet things. You realize that your children are growing up, but you still crave for them to be your little baby.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 15th Birthday Bristyn

I can't believe that our Bristyn is 15 years old, it is hard to think that she has been in our lives for that long....for her birthday, I am going to share 15 fun facts about our it goes...
1. From the time that I was pregnant with Bristyn, there was always a close bond with her and Bradley. He took such good care of me when I was pregnant, and when she was born, she was the world to him. She loves, loves, loves her older brother (she also loves her other siblings also!!). To this day, there is a closeness with those two siblings.

2. Bristyn has been playing soccer since she was four years old. She is very passionate about it, she lives for it!!!

3. For some reason the song, "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie", has become our song. We know the whole song and we sing it so loud when it is on the radio. She told me that whenever she hears that song, she thinks of us.

4. From the time she was born, her nickname has been Miss America...maybe it is because she doesn't like girlie girl things...we also call her Missy...but I have noticed that our bishop calls her Brissy, and I love that name.

5. I feel bad for Bristyn because she loves animals. We have never had a pet though, one of these days maybe we will cave in and get her a dog. But for now, she has to deal with her younger brother!!

6. Bristyn has her Daddys smile. Huge!!! People have always commented to us about her beautiful smile. As a matter of fact, last school year, she was voted "Best Smile". We love her smile, it always makes us smile.

7. From the time that Bristyn was nine months old, she always had to have a banana for breakfast. She loves them and she still eats one most mornings.

8. Bristyn loves to be with her friends and hang out...she has alot of friends, most that I approve of!!! She is ALWAYS on her phone texting, THAT drives me crazy!!!

9. Bristyn took a photography class this year at school and has become quite the photographer, she is great at it!!! Her favorite subject to take pictures of is herself!!

10. As a child, Bristyn NEVER played with Barbies or dolls. Trust me, she had every kind of doll and Barbie, but never showed any interest....she would have rather been playing outside with all the boys.

11. This year at school, Bristyn was voted Best Sense of Humor....I can see why.....

12. Her favorite food is fruit salad.

13. Bristyn likes to wear flip flops to church, I don't like her doing that...we have gotten in some arguments about it, so now, she goes to church bare foot. I think that she does it to embarrass me so it looks like I have no control over her.

14. Bristyn loves to make brownies, the only problem is that she eats half of the batter before it is put in the pan..needless to say, her brownies are scary.

15. To gross us out, she likes to give herself wedgies and walk around the house like that. Trust me, not attractive. But funny....


Soccer Banquet

Its that time of the year again, when you have graduation parties, banquets, and the end of the school year!!!! I love it!!! Last night was no exception...we had Bristyns soccer banquet at the Fort Collins Country Club. I have decided that I am not a country club type of a gal. I feel very uncomfortable in "stuffy" places. Bristyn had a good soccer season, she really loves all the girls on her team. I love having evenings with just Bristyn and I, she is a funny girl. After the banquet, I came home to a house full of my husbands priest quorum boys. They went fishing and came to the house afterwards for a little party, let me just say, those boys can eat!!! I am exhausted today, but I have a full day ahead of me....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pictures from Mothers Day

Thank you Britnee, Bradley, Bristyn and Brenton for the flowers and bushes for my patio pots, I love them!!! These are some of the pots I have outside that I filled with my Mothers Day flowers. We went to our "sister friends" for dinner yesterday, and I made a chocolate dessert, I don't know the name of the recipe, but I got it from my friend Allison, and I made a fruit pizza, per request from the sister friends. Dinner was yummy, and so was dessert. We played an all time favorite game, Pictionary, and Bristyn and I won!!! I love winning!!! I need to get a picture of my sister friends so everyone knows who I am talking about....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

I hope that all of my wonderful friends and family are having a wonderful Mothers Day. We are going to our "sister friends" for a barbeque this afternoon. Mike and the kids got me flowers to plant in my planters outside. Every year for Mothers Day, I love to work in the yard and get it ready for summer, but since we moved into the condo, we don't have a yard to fix, and trust me, Mike loves that!! Brenton got me a necklace from his school garage sale and he spent all of his fake money on it!! I just wanted to wish my mom a happy Moms Day. She is the best mom anyone can ask for. She is the most Christ like person I know, who always looks for the good in everything. She has been through such a hard time in the last two years and my heart just aches for her. I wish that she was near us so we can take care of her. I know that she gave up so much so us kids could have what ever we wanted, and I appreciate that. She is also the best Grammy!! Even though you are not here Mom, you are right next to my heart, I love you and miss you and I hope that you have a wonderful, happy day.