Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loving my new bedding!

For my birthday this year, I asked my family for Pottery Barn gift cards because I was in need of new bedding!!!  I wish I was more like my mom and daughter, Britnee, who always change out their bed spreads.  I have had the same bedding on my bed for 5 years....I was bored of it, even though I really liked it!!  I loved this bedding online and when I went into the store and saw it displayed, I was totally in love!!  I bought the duvet cover and linen euro pillow shams, I think that I will buy the normal pillow shams this next month when I have some extra money.  Thank you to all my family who got me gift cards!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Brenton finally got a "big boy" bed

Better late then never!!!!   Our Brenton is sixteen years old and is six feet tall (we don't know why our boys are so tall, Mike is only 5'8"...)  Brentons bed was always just a metal frame with mattresses.  Our friend was selling this bed that she had just bought because she is moving.  She sold it to us very cheap!!  It takes up alot of space but Brenton loves it, we also got him new mattresses, but he says they are too firm, but I love them!  I can take a nap and fall asleep so quickly on his bed!!