Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Past weekend

This past weekend, our daughter, Britnee, and our granddaughter, Caralynn, came to town to visit for 4 short days. I already miss them so much!! While they were here, I asked my friend, Monique, to take some pictures of our family, she did such an awesome job. I am having a hard time deciding which pictures to have blown up, they are all so great! I did ask Brad to shave, I even offered him money!! I guess that is what snowboarding bums look like!! Thank you Monique, I am forever grateful for these wonderful pictures!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME Week!!

The clock is from my friend, Renae, and the pitcher is a Lecreucet from my sister, Liz
Bristyn got me this magnifying glass and the cutest birds nest, all bought with her own money!!

Another Lecreucet pot, I have been wanting this dutch oven for a very long time, thanks Mom!

This is a double basket full of fun things from my friend and walking partner, other partner, Raelene, paid for a haircut of mine, I will have to post pictures, I got 8 inches cut off!!

Candle holders from my sister, Michelle, I love all the colors!

I hate to admit this, but I LOVE to be spoiled on my birthday, and let me just say, this year was the BEST!! I not only had a birthDAY, but a birthWEEK! To start with, my dad took our family to the Rodizio Grill here in Fort Collins, it is a Brasilian restaurant and the food is devine!! I spent a couple of years growing up in Brasil, so I love the food. My friend, Renae, took my family out for Thai food and my sister, Michelle, and Millie (who is like a sister) had a barbeque for me, let me just say, I was in a food coma all weekend!!!! Everyone spoiled me with love and gifts, I truly have the best family and friends!! I took some pictures of the gifts that I got.....the last photo is a picture of my walking partners, Raelene and Barb, they are awesome!! About 2 weeks ago, we went to Boyd Lake to visit Barb, who was camping there. We had dinner together and made soaps and bath salts. Barb is like a real life Martha Stewart, she is very creative and is hands down an awesome cook!! I am sure that my Mike wants her to cook for him daily!! I don't have pictures of all the gifts that I got, but I just want everyone to know how much I love everything!! OH, and I have lived here in Colorado for 4 years and have never bought a winter jacket, but my sister, Liz, took care of that for me, maybe that is why I hate the winter months here so much!!!