Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am turning into my husband!!

Remember how I said that I wanted to add more yellow to my living room? Well, I couldn't believe my luck the other day! I was walking by a neighbors garbage and here was this beauty of a table calling my name! It is perfect! It is in great shape, I asked her if she was actually throwing it away and she said she was, so I asked her if I can have it, she even had her son bring it over to my house! I am a garbage picker just like my husband!! I want to sand the top of it so I can stain it darker, but that will probably happen this next week! I love my new addition to the living room!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The witch is is a mouse!

I am having one of those know, the kind where you are sitting at your computer in the basement, and you see something out of the corner of your eye, then you turn your head and see a freakin mouse!!! I have been married for just about 25 years, and I have never, ever seen a mouse in my house!! MAKES ME WANT TO MOVE SO BAD NOW!!! I know I am over reacting, but they are rodents to me! Nothing cute about them. I haven't seen any droppings or anything that would tell me that I have mice. I sent Bristyn to the store (in her pajamas) to get some traps, now I have beautiful D-Con traps in all of my corners down here. Bristyn let me know that it is my fault that we have this little critter in the house because we won't let her get a cat!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeling the LOVE!!

We started to paint and freshen up our master bath way back in July.....we finally finished it, and it is September now! I painted the bathroom walls a really pretty blue/green color, but you can't tell in these pictures, but I love the color. I looked everywhere for a shelf to hang over the toilet and I finally found one after weeks of looking, it is perfect! I ungrounded myself from ebay and purchased this Big Ben clock, I LOVE the color and patina, I have never seen it in that blue/green color. I probably spent way too much on it, but oh well.....

For my birthday, my sister ordered this adorable pillow from Ballard Designs for me, love it!! It goes wonderful with all of the other pillows I have all over the couch!

I love this thank you gift from my brother, Mike!!! I was surprised one day when this was delivered to our home and I opened it! Best gift idea!! I love the fact that he had our name put on it and it works perfect for when we have barbeques to put all of the drinks in it! Thank you Mike!

One day a couple of weeks ago, we were ding-dong ditched with this delicious plate of chocolate chip cookies.....we have this girl in our ward at church who makes the BEST cookies EVER!! Her name is Arden Bradley, but we love to call her Garden! She should seriously consider opening her own baking business, they are that delish!!

And then this cake.....I absolutely adore these girls, Alicia Thayers and Savanna Wallace. They are my Bristyns really good friends. They surprised me with this cake that they made themselves! I have to say, I was impressed!! They are great girls! I know they read this little blog of mine, and I just wanted them to know that they are loved by me!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mellow Yellow

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to Broomfield so I can go shop (or actually, just browse) at Pottery Barn. I love all the new colors that are out for the fall season, especially the yellows. I had no intention of buying anything, but when I saw that Limonade pillow, I had to have it!! I am loving the little bits of yellow in the living room. I didn't say anything to Mike about buying the pillow, and it took him almost a week to realize that I had a new pillow on the couch!!

Guess who came and visited me lastweek??? That is right, my daughter, Britnee and my sweet Caralynn! My brother and his boys came out to visit for 9 days and mom came out from Boston also. Our house was full of people! We had a great time visiting! The weather was more then perfect, even though the mosquitos were out in full force!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July to all my friends and family! I am so thankful for this great country that we live in, for the freedoms and rights that we have! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

What we are up to....

Happy Birthday Brenton!! Yesterday, July 1st, Brenton turned 14 years old! I can't believe that my baby is 14, it really breaks my heart. This past Tuesday, Brenton and I flew out to Seattle to visit Britnee, Chris and Caralynn for 9 days. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been wonderful! Brenton spent the day yesterday at Wild Waves with some friends from Fort Collins that are also here visiting.

Can I just say that I can't get enough of this sweet baby girl!! She is so delish! I love being with her, she is so funny and happy!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of ours (she owns a publishing company) asked Bristyn to be a model for a book that is coming out in November. Bristyn thought that it would be fun, so she did it! They also make book trailers now, and Bristyn is in the video for that also..I will let you know all about the book when I find out more about it!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Yes, Brenton is now taller then Bristyn!

Today was an FFF day, FORCED FAMILY FUN!!! And actually, it turned out to be a fun day! We went to the Wildlife Sanctuary, which is northeast of Denver. We had read about it and really wanted to see it! Bob Barker (from The Price is Right) and Jorja Fox (CSI) are the celebritities that have really helped these animals. They just donated money to have a building built for 25 new tigers and have them flown in from Bolivia. All the animals at this sanctuary have been abused but they are all healthy and thriving at this time. I couldn't believe how close we came to the animals, it was awesome!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Britnee and Chris' Wedding

The Garwood family....Richard, Denise, Caralynn, Chris, Britnee, Casey, Kelsey and Lindsey

The Thompson family....Diana, Bristyn, Chris, Britnee, Bradley, Mike and Brenton

This past Wednesday, our family went to Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of our beautiful daughter, Britnee and Chris Garwood!! Britnee was absolutely gorgeous and Chris wasn't bad himself!! The wedding was held at the Little Church of the West and then we all went to Bootleggers for a celebration dinner. We are so happy to have Chris as part of our family, we love him to pieces. I am so happy that Britnee found such a wonderful person to marry and someone that makes her so happy! Congratulations Britnee and Chris!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One mans trash

I have been doing a little re-doing in the living room and front entry way this last week. The other day, my husband was helping a friend load up his storage unit to move. While there, his friend was throwing away some of his wifes decorations, which included these 3 pictures of Paris. He had bought them from a street vendor in Paris. My husband stole them right up!! They are so beautiful, I love the simplicity of them. I am still trying to learn how to use my new camara, I love trying to figure it out, but I seriously need to take a crash course on it!!

For all of you who didn't believe me, this is Bradley after he cut off 15 inches of his hair! It was my surprise for Easter! He is so stinkin cute!