Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Britnee and Chris' Wedding

The Garwood family....Richard, Denise, Caralynn, Chris, Britnee, Casey, Kelsey and Lindsey

The Thompson family....Diana, Bristyn, Chris, Britnee, Bradley, Mike and Brenton

This past Wednesday, our family went to Las Vegas to celebrate the wedding of our beautiful daughter, Britnee and Chris Garwood!! Britnee was absolutely gorgeous and Chris wasn't bad himself!! The wedding was held at the Little Church of the West and then we all went to Bootleggers for a celebration dinner. We are so happy to have Chris as part of our family, we love him to pieces. I am so happy that Britnee found such a wonderful person to marry and someone that makes her so happy! Congratulations Britnee and Chris!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One mans trash

I have been doing a little re-doing in the living room and front entry way this last week. The other day, my husband was helping a friend load up his storage unit to move. While there, his friend was throwing away some of his wifes decorations, which included these 3 pictures of Paris. He had bought them from a street vendor in Paris. My husband stole them right up!! They are so beautiful, I love the simplicity of them. I am still trying to learn how to use my new camara, I love trying to figure it out, but I seriously need to take a crash course on it!!

For all of you who didn't believe me, this is Bradley after he cut off 15 inches of his hair! It was my surprise for Easter! He is so stinkin cute!