Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Mike and our friend, Marcus, at the ward Halloween party....seriously, they looked great!!!!
Mike dressed up as his favorite movie character, Joe Dirt....I think that he looks awesome, but then again, he always does. I love him in a mullet!!!!!

Bristyn, her friend Kyra and Brenton...just posing for the camera.

You guessed it....this is Bristyns pumpkin, being held together with duct tape.

This is our Halloween family tradition....every Halloween, we get KFC. It is the only night of the year that I buy it. The kids love it, but I think that they are kind of spendy, and I really don't like KFC.

In front of our front door, I am sure that it will look better this evening when everything is lit up.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tagged by Brannigan

Brannigan tagged me to post the 4th picture of my 4th folder on my blog....Bristyn is ALWAYS taking goofy pictures and I swear, all of my folders are pictures of her. I really do not even know who is in the picture with her, and I am embarrassed that there is a can of Root Beer on her bathroom counter. I should be happy that we can't see her toilet and bathtub, because they look like science projects!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Britnee and Chris

Britnee and Chris have been dating for about two years.

I am so glad i was able to meet him before we moved to colorado.

He is the sweetest guy and so happy Britnee found such a great

guy. Britnee is almost done with school, we are so proud of her

but miss her very much.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Because I had a bad day......

We (okay, Mike)..have been working really hard on trying to fix up this condo. We have replaced almost all of the light fixtures, but we never got around to replacing the ones in the kitchen. I had the WORSE day at work on Friday and Mike felt so bad for me, that we went out and bought the light fixtures for the kitchen, I love how they look. This place really is coming together. He is really the best husband for fixing and getting things done. We even went out to Walrus Ice Cream for a treat, you know I am having a bad day when that happens.....

My new comfy, leather chair

For a while now, I have been wanting a big, leather, comfy chair for me to curl up and read my books and gossip magazines on. My neighbors, who I call my sister friends (Liz and Melanie), have these type of chairs that they call the "bachelorette chairs". I love them!!!! When I finally saw this chair at the furniture store, I HAD to get it. It fits perfect in my little corner in front of the fireplace. Oh, and notice, there aren't any chords and cables hanging all over the place in front of the fireplace. That was a huge project that Mike and our friend, Curtis, took on, I love how it looks now. This condo is getting cozier and cozier!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bristyn and soccer

I have one word to describe Bristyns soccer season this year, PAINFUL.....Bristyn is an awesome soccer player, and it has been a very trying season for her. The team just doesn't play and mesh well together. I feel so bad for her because she is so competitive with this sport and they have lost every game. I have a hard time watching her games because I totally feel her pain. After the game yesterday, she just broke down, and it broke my heart. Here in Colorado, girls soccer for the high school is in the spring, we really hope that she makes the team. Soccer is her passion and we just want her to continue playing and loving the sport.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Missing Britnee

My daughter, Britnee, who is at Eastern Washington University, just called to inform me that all of my blogs are about the other kids, and not her, so I thought that I would write a little hello to her. We miss you lots Britnee, and wish that you were here with us. We are proud of your accomplishments and how well you are doing at school. We love you.......LOTS

Another race, another win....

Sadly, this is Brads last race in cross country. He kicked butt!!! He won the race, okay, he killed in this race, don't want to sound like I am bragging, but, what can I say??? He was so happy with what he accomplished this season, and so are we. This race was in Denver at Bible Park. He only has 3 more weeks, and then he gets to come home. Way to go Brad, we are very proud of you!!!!

Mommy and Me Date

Yesterday, Brenton did not have school and I did not need to work, so I asked Brenton if he wanted to have a date day, just he and I. He loved that idea. I told him that we needed to get him a pair of church shoes (since he has been complaining for 3 months that his church shoes don't fit...I sure miss my friend, Jodee, at these times for her hand-me-downs from her son, Brody!!!) and that we would go out for lunch. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said that he really wanted to go to the candy store, so that is what we did. I love being one on one with the kids, and I know that they love it. He wanted to eat at the mall, so he had pizza and I had a greek salad. Mike introduced me to these salads and they are wonderful. In the afternoon, we picked up Mike and headed down to Denver for Brads cross country meet. We had a great time together. Just me and my Brenton.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Miss America

Yesterday, we had to drive back down to the Denver area again for Bristyns cross country meet. It was at the Adams County fairgrounds, and it was freezing!!!!! We are very impressed with her running abilities, she definately does NOT get it from me...wonder where she gets it from??? She came in 23rd overall, with about 200 runners. She loves running now, we don't even have to tell her to do her runs on the weekends, she just does them. Of course, her real passion is soccer and as usual, I forgot to bring the camera to her game today. I will remember next week!!! I am just in awe of anyone who can actually run a race, for me, it is a high to watch my kids, I truly do admire them and I am proud to be their mom.

Brad and winning!!!!

Brad had his cross country meet this past Thursday down in Brighton, Colorado. He did an awesome job!!! Brad is only able to run on the JV team, since he has his GED, he cannot run varsity. He rocked!!!! His time even beat the varsity time. His team won the regional championship and his coach was voted coach of the year. We are so proud of Brad, he has really grown up lately and it shows!!!! He only has a month left at Ridgeview and we can't wait to have him back home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My quirkinesses

My friend, Stacey, tagged me to write about 6 quirks that I took me a while to think about them, I know that I am quirky, but it is hard to come up with 6, but here is my list....

#1 When I was pregnant with my first daughter, 22 years ago, one day I was totally starving, so I took out not one can of Chef-Boy-Ardee Raviolis, but two cans to eat. I didn't even heat them up, I opened the cans and woofed them down. To this day, I can't look, smell or eat Raviolis, it grosses me out. I won't even buy them for my own kids.

#2 Everyone who knows me, I think knows this about me....I will only eat toast and a cup of chocolate milk (with Nestle Quik, NOT Hersheys syrup) for breakfast. I don't like the smell of food in the morning, and toast fills me up until lunch time. I will only drink chocolate milk at breakfast, I can't drink milk any other time during the day.

#3 This kind of goes with #2...I NEVER drink the last inch of anything in my cup. It drives my husband batty!!!! For some reason, it just reminds me of backwash. Oh, and I do not like to share my drinks with ANYBODY, not even my kids.

#4 This one is kind of embarrassing....but, whenever I step into my house, the first thing that I do is undo my pants button. I feel like I have to suck my tummy in all day long, so as soon as I get home, it is time to breath!!! As a matter of fact, when my friends come over, I usually do not button them up...they are used to it!!!

#5 I hate slurpers and people who make noise when they eat. Drives me crazy. My family would make noises and show their food while eating just to tick me off. I am always on my kids to eat with their mouths closed so I don't have to hear them chewing. Do I sound like a mean mom?

#6 I will not use public toilets, and I have never used a port-a -potty. I will hold myself until I am about to burst. I have used toilets while camping, but I will stand over them. Oh, and when I travel, I get totally sick because I can't go "real" potty in stange places.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bristyn and Brenton

I think that Bristyn and Brenton would do anything to embarrass us wherever we go, but, we gotta love them for their spunkiness!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamos

After we ate lunch with Bradleys cross country team, we headed back to Denver. It was about a 3 hour drive. Mike had purchased tickets to the Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamos soccer game. If you know the Thompsons, you know that we are a big soccer family, comparable to the Beckhams!!!! Except for that I am not as skinny as Victoria and my husband is alot hotter then David!!!! It was a blast. The best player on the Rapids received a red card, so he was ejected out of the game. Needless to say, they lost 3-1. We had such an awesome weekend, by the time we got home, we were totally exhausted.

More Brad pictures

Brad and Bristyn
Brad and I

The family.....

This is after the race, at Aspen High School. I love all the colors of the trees....

Bradley and Gypsy

This is Bradley and his girlfriend, Gypsy. We surprised Brad by bringing Gypsy to the cross country meet. Gypsy has never seen Brad run, so she was pretty excited!!!! I think that they were both pretty excited to see each other, they haven't seen each other for 3 months now. Young love, what can you say?????

See Bradley run......and win

This is Bradleys first race here in Colorado. He is running for the Ridgeview Rams, they have an awesome cross country team. Bradley came in first and his teammate came in second. Their team came in second overall at the cross country meet. It was very exciting!!!! The course was very difficult, trust me, I would still be crawling it!!! The elevation was high, as a matter of fact, they even ran under a ski lift. I love watching him run. I do think he had a hard time though, he looked pretty exhausted after the run. But he was a happy boy....

Aspen, colorado

This past weekend, we went to Aspen, Colorado to watch Bradley run a cross country race there. It is seriously Gods country. The drive there was beautiful with all of the trees and their changing colors, I have never seen such vibrant colors. It was a long drive but worth it. We stayed at Pokolodi Lodge, which is on top of a mountain, the view was spectacular. The weather is getting a little chilly up there now. We were all so excited to see Bradley run, he hasn't run a race for 2 years now. The elevation is about 8,000 feet, so we didn't know how that would effect his running, since all of his races have been at sea level. Needless to say, he ran a great race, he won the race and we were so excited, he is beautiful to watch run. We are so proud of him!!!!

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time!!!!

I love this time of the year, I love fall colors, the changing of the leaves and the weather. I love taking out my fall decorations and putting them up. I love the smell of the "outside" weather, the rain, the wind, and the chill in the air. I love to burn candles inside, I just love the coziness of autumn.....