Sunday, October 5, 2008

Aspen, colorado

This past weekend, we went to Aspen, Colorado to watch Bradley run a cross country race there. It is seriously Gods country. The drive there was beautiful with all of the trees and their changing colors, I have never seen such vibrant colors. It was a long drive but worth it. We stayed at Pokolodi Lodge, which is on top of a mountain, the view was spectacular. The weather is getting a little chilly up there now. We were all so excited to see Bradley run, he hasn't run a race for 2 years now. The elevation is about 8,000 feet, so we didn't know how that would effect his running, since all of his races have been at sea level. Needless to say, he ran a great race, he won the race and we were so excited, he is beautiful to watch run. We are so proud of him!!!!

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Stacey said...

Good for Brad. I'm confused as to what school he is running for? Is he away at school or still at boot camp?? Your home looks SO cozy! I love the patio and your bedroom.....quite a step up from your room here across the street. I miss seeing you out and about in your Russian bathrobe!