Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brentons bathroom

Okay, we have been in our condo for a year now, and I still have to do all of the bathrooms, but I got a little start on Brentons bathroom, which is actually the upstairs hallway bathroom. All of the bathrooms just need to be gutted, but I am trying to do things on a budget, so I am not going to redo the floors or cabinets for a little while. One of my favorite blogs, BlondieNSC, did a tour of her moms home that she just had built and I feel in love with her color scheme in the guest bedroom, it was gray and yellow. Then when I went to Vancouver, my friend, Jodee had just redone her boys' bathroom in a blue/gray....gray must be speaking to me!!! I loved her boys' bathroom, so I told her I was gonna copy it. And I did!!!! I got the paint from my friend, Mona, in Vancouver, it is the color that she painted her family room/kitchen area. LOVE IT....I got a new mirror from Target, new light fixture from Lowes, new shelf from Target and knobs for the cabinets/drawers from Target. My sister, Liz got me the new candle and soaps for the shelf, thank you Liz!!! My budget was $200..... The chandelier I used to have in my room, so I moved it in the bathroom to see if I would like the yellow with the gray, and I do!!!!
paint $0
light fixture $70
mirror $60
shelf $20
knobs $9
Total $159

Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching Up

For the 4th of July, our family went to my dads house for a barbeque. Both of my sisters families came also. My mom came out to visit us from Boston. She looks amazing. She has lost over 100 pounds in the last year, we are all so proud of her. The 4th was a fun day, except for the very last husband let it off, and it went went into my dads yard, then flew over across the street into the neighbors yard, and it hit a little baby. The baby got burns on her face and hands, so sad!!! I hate fireworks, as a matter of fact, I told Mike not to buy any this year, but you know how boys and fire are....I think that he learned his lesson.
My sister Liz, me and my sister, Michelle. They are the best sisters anyone can ask for, however, I am the best sister of all!!! :)

All (well, most) of the cousins...Jayton, Bristyn, Jaeger, Jaime, Jace, Brenton and Jacob.

Our family on the 4th of July. We missed you Britnee and Bradley!!!

Brenton turned 12 on July 1st. He decided that he wanted to have a swimming party with his friends from church. It was very hot that day, so it was a great idea. We got him an Ipod, he is the hardest kid to buy for because he never asks for anything. Happy Birthday Brenton.