Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brentons bathroom

Okay, we have been in our condo for a year now, and I still have to do all of the bathrooms, but I got a little start on Brentons bathroom, which is actually the upstairs hallway bathroom. All of the bathrooms just need to be gutted, but I am trying to do things on a budget, so I am not going to redo the floors or cabinets for a little while. One of my favorite blogs, BlondieNSC, did a tour of her moms home that she just had built and I feel in love with her color scheme in the guest bedroom, it was gray and yellow. Then when I went to Vancouver, my friend, Jodee had just redone her boys' bathroom in a blue/gray....gray must be speaking to me!!! I loved her boys' bathroom, so I told her I was gonna copy it. And I did!!!! I got the paint from my friend, Mona, in Vancouver, it is the color that she painted her family room/kitchen area. LOVE IT....I got a new mirror from Target, new light fixture from Lowes, new shelf from Target and knobs for the cabinets/drawers from Target. My sister, Liz got me the new candle and soaps for the shelf, thank you Liz!!! My budget was $200..... The chandelier I used to have in my room, so I moved it in the bathroom to see if I would like the yellow with the gray, and I do!!!!
paint $0
light fixture $70
mirror $60
shelf $20
knobs $9
Total $159


Britnee said...

Dang mom you are sooooo good!! I love you and miss you. I cant wait till i get a place and you can come and do it for me.

blondiensc said...

Looks great Diana!!! I will send this to my mom, she will be tickled pink to read this! :) Hope you had a good weekend and are enjoying your summer! XO

The Moarefdoust Family said...

Ok, I was going to leave a comment about the bathroom but now I'm more blown away that blondiensc made a comment on your blog. WHOA!! It's like your friends with famous people or something!! he he

Stacey said...

That price breakdown reminds me of those visa commercials! What a lucky boy to have his "own" bathroom. Your mom does look good, and that looked like a fun reunion of sorts. I can't believe I didn't know Farrah died! I only hear Backyardigans on the TV!