Saturday, May 5, 2012


We have been doing alot of celebrating around here for the last couple of weeks!  To begin with, Bristyn got accepted into Western State University of Colorado (formerly Western State College)!  She is so excited about it, but she is also having a little anxiety about "growing up".  A couple of weekends ago, Bristyn and I took a rode trip to Gunnison to view the campus and town, it is a very small town, and the campus is wonderful.  It is in the mountains, and 20 minutes away from snowboarding, I know that she will love it there.  It is only a 4 hour car ride home, so she can come home whenever she wants to.  To celebrate, I made these yummy blackberry vanilla cobblers.  My sister, Liz, got me these adorable ramikins from LeCreuset, they are so cute!  We are so excited for Bristyn and the choice she made to further her education, but how will I survive without her being around here???