Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesdays with Mike.....

This has become our tradition. Every Tuesday, Mike and I go out for lunch at this cute little cafe called Genoa Coffe and Wine. It is our favorite place to have lunch. It is sometimes very hard to go out for dates on Friday or Saturday evenings because of all the activities that the kids are involved with. So, this is our weekly date. We always share a bagel sandwich and a dessert, it is so yummy!!! The owner spoils us there, she loves us!!! I love spending time with my Mike.

Bristyn in action

Bristyns first love....SOCCER!!!! Yesterday, the Fort Collins High School soccer team had a game against their biggest competitor, Rocky Mountain High School. It was a tough, hard game, unfortunately, Rocky Mountain won 3-1. I love watching these girls play, they are all such great players. Bristyn is learning alot from playing on this team, she is loving it, but it sure is alot of work!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Here you go Mom, a picture of Brenton playing goalie....he is too cute!!! I always tell him that he is the best player on the field and the cutest!!!

Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy

Yesterday our day was full of soccer!!! We love soccer....Brenton had two games, which he won both!!! Scores were 5-1 and 7-1. He usually plays goalie during one of the halves, which totally stresses me out (cause you know it is all about me!!!), and the other teams did not score on him, he did score a goal in the second game, his first for the season. Bristyn had a game also, but she did not play in it (long story)....and then lastnight, we went down to Denver to watch the Rapids vs. the Galaxy!!! I was pretty bummed that David Beckham wasn't there (he is still in Milan), but I did get to see Landon Donovan, LOVE HIM!!! He scored for his team, the ending score was 1-1. I wish that we could afford season tickets to their games, they are so fun to watch.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love letters

I love letters!!!! I was walking around the house the other day and noticed how many letters I have around here. My sister, Michelle, has a whole wall in her home with the initial "N", I love it and I think that it looks awesome, so I kind of copied her!!

The living room, with no tv cables!!!

I know, we have been in our condo for almost 10 months and Mike finally got the cable mess from the tv fixed!!! I guess it started driving him crazy, so he fixed it. I also rearranged the furniture a little bit so I thought that I would post what we have done. I love the way the room is looking, so cozy and comfy. I will post the pictures of our theater room, Mike spoiled our family this last week, so we are getting it fixed up!!!

Found the Easter pictures....

I finally found the pictures of Bristyn and Brenton from was a very cold morning, but Bristyn still managed to wear her flip flops. She wears those things even when it is snowing outside, doesn't matter if her toes are blue, they are still on her feet! I don't like her to wear them to church either, but when she wears her church shoes to church, she takes them off as soon as we get there, drives me nuts!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend project...basement hallway

This shot is taken right outside of Bristyns bedroom at the right of the basement.
This shot is taken at the left side of the basement, outside of the theater/office.

This shot is taken as I was walking down the stairs, you can go right to Bristyns room or left to the theater/office.

Another shot from the stairs.

I am soooo excited about our weekend project. I got this great idea from a very talented lady, her name is Melaine Thompson and her blog is , go check out her blog, she is very inspirational and talented. We really haven't done too much to our basement and I am really itching to get it done. By all means, the lines are not perfect, so I still have some spots to fix. I love how it turned out, I find myself just walking by the basement door and just opening it so I can look at the hallway downstairs. It just looks awesome!!! I love the blog world for great decorating ideas, everyone knows that I can't think of great decorating ideas like this!!! Now, I need to get the theater room done....

Easter dinner at Michelles

This year for Easter, we went down to my sister, Michelles house for dinner. As usual, I ate way too much, everything was wonderful. These are just some random pictures that were taken. I can't find the pictures I took of Bristyn and Brenton before we went to church, so, as soon as I find them, I will get them posted. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter and that we can all remember what the Savior did for all of us.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Britnee...!!!!!