Sunday, April 26, 2009

Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy

Yesterday our day was full of soccer!!! We love soccer....Brenton had two games, which he won both!!! Scores were 5-1 and 7-1. He usually plays goalie during one of the halves, which totally stresses me out (cause you know it is all about me!!!), and the other teams did not score on him, he did score a goal in the second game, his first for the season. Bristyn had a game also, but she did not play in it (long story)....and then lastnight, we went down to Denver to watch the Rapids vs. the Galaxy!!! I was pretty bummed that David Beckham wasn't there (he is still in Milan), but I did get to see Landon Donovan, LOVE HIM!!! He scored for his team, the ending score was 1-1. I wish that we could afford season tickets to their games, they are so fun to watch.

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Rene said...

We love soccer, too! We're so happy to have the Sounders in Seattle! Fun games!
I lvoe to see the pic's of your kids!