Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME Week!!

The clock is from my friend, Renae, and the pitcher is a Lecreucet from my sister, Liz
Bristyn got me this magnifying glass and the cutest birds nest, all bought with her own money!!

Another Lecreucet pot, I have been wanting this dutch oven for a very long time, thanks Mom!

This is a double basket full of fun things from my friend and walking partner, other partner, Raelene, paid for a haircut of mine, I will have to post pictures, I got 8 inches cut off!!

Candle holders from my sister, Michelle, I love all the colors!

I hate to admit this, but I LOVE to be spoiled on my birthday, and let me just say, this year was the BEST!! I not only had a birthDAY, but a birthWEEK! To start with, my dad took our family to the Rodizio Grill here in Fort Collins, it is a Brasilian restaurant and the food is devine!! I spent a couple of years growing up in Brasil, so I love the food. My friend, Renae, took my family out for Thai food and my sister, Michelle, and Millie (who is like a sister) had a barbeque for me, let me just say, I was in a food coma all weekend!!!! Everyone spoiled me with love and gifts, I truly have the best family and friends!! I took some pictures of the gifts that I got.....the last photo is a picture of my walking partners, Raelene and Barb, they are awesome!! About 2 weeks ago, we went to Boyd Lake to visit Barb, who was camping there. We had dinner together and made soaps and bath salts. Barb is like a real life Martha Stewart, she is very creative and is hands down an awesome cook!! I am sure that my Mike wants her to cook for him daily!! I don't have pictures of all the gifts that I got, but I just want everyone to know how much I love everything!! OH, and I have lived here in Colorado for 4 years and have never bought a winter jacket, but my sister, Liz, took care of that for me, maybe that is why I hate the winter months here so much!!!


Mama Voss said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like it was fabulous... wishing you a great year :)

The Moarefdoust Family said...

You deserve to be spoiled!!!! Dang, how'd you get so many presents?

Ashley May said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Looks like you were treated very well! I love how you always post pictures of your decor, it's always fun looking at your blog.

By the way, your blog looks really cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! xo

Lizzie said...

Le Creuset. dork.