Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our busy weekend

For Bristyns birthday and last day of school, we took her and 5 of her friends out to dinner to the Rio Grande. After dinner, we came home and more of her friends came over to hang out, two of her friend boys made her a cake, I think that she had a great birthday. This picture was taken on Saturday night, she is totally exhausted because I think her and her friends stayed up all night Friday night.
Also, this weekend, Brentons soccer team played in the end of the season tournament. It was awesome, as everyone knows, we love soccer!! His team won the tournament, and Brenton was nominated Best All Around player.

On Friday night, Brenton and Mike went fishing and camping with Brentons scout troop from church. Both of them love to fish and camp. Brenton is a real outdoors type of a boy, he would even camp in the snow, not me though.

I am feeling old now...our baby (okay, so he is not a baby anymore) Brenton graduated from elementary school on Friday. No more kids in elementary school!!! It is one of those bitter-sweet things. You realize that your children are growing up, but you still crave for them to be your little baby.


Mom of 2 in the Couve said...

It's sad when they grow up. My "baby" is starting preschool in the fall.

I remember When Brenton was a little baby.

Britnee said...

My little boy is so big. I miss him and I am really excited to see him in a week. I bet he is taller then me now. Soon he will be 12 that is crazy. Love you mom