Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break in Olympia

The reasons that I want to move back to the Northwest!!! I miss this sweet family so much. Caralynn is nine weeks old now and she is adorable! She is smiling the cutest smile, she is also feisty like her mom!
The best looking Grandpa that I have ever seen! WE want to take her home with us!

Our fun loving Bristyn....she really does not like us right now!! First of all, we took her away from all of her friends for spring break, can you believe that? We must be the worse parents in the world, she actually thought that we would let her stay in Fort Collins by herself to hang out with all of her friends! We drove here to Olympia and it took about 18 hours in the car, she didn't talk to us for the first 12 hours (now that I think about it, that was kinda nice!!). When we were looking on the internet at homes, she started crying, she does not want to move. I am really torn about this. My family and close friendships that I have are here in the Northwest, but Bristyn is so happy in Fort Collins. She told me that we can move, but that she is staying in Colorado.


Lizzie said...

Sister, Brissy can live with me.

The Moarefdoust Family said...

Oh, little "C" is so dang cute. Move, move, move - Bristyn will get over it. Aryan cried for DAYS when we were talking about moving here, and now she's doing pretty good.

Joanna said...

Diana - she is such a pretty baby! Don't be sad to come back here today. love ya, Joanna

Shelly's Space said...

I am so glad you got to see Caralynn (and her mommy and daddy of course)....You have a tough delima about the move. Hope you get home safe drive home:)