Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is it Spring YET???

I am totally yearning for Spring!! I love the color green, and to me it is such a Spring color...right now in Colorado, everything is still dead and brown. I need the lush green of the northwest!! This Saturday, we are heading to Olympia to visit our daughter and granddaughter, I can hardly wait!!! Bristyn and Brenton have Spring break next week, we were going to go to Las Vegas, but I miss my family so much and I need to see that sweet baby!!

Since I haven't blogged in weeks, I thought that I should mention that Bristyn tried out and made the Fort Collins High School soccer team. They are off to a great start already. This is a picture of Bristyn pigging out on the best chicken noodle soup that I made, sometimes, I am a good mom!!!

Happy Birthday to the BEST husband in the world...Mike turned 42 on March 7th, and all I have to say is that he is getting better with age!! I LOVE HIM!!! Even though he lectures me about my spending habits!!


Lizzie said...

Is Brissy pigging out on my chicken noodle? It's about time you updated your blog. Get me something cute in Washington!

Shelly's Space said...

Hey- I love your new blog page!! It really looks like you:)
Have a great time snuggling that baby of yours (oh...and Britnee too). And congrats to Bristyn for making the team (was there any doubt?).... and Mike for making it to such a ripe old age (hee hee)

Britnee said...

I am so proud of bristyn!!