Monday, February 2, 2009

Brad's Birthday

Chris and Brad
Brad playing mini golf
Chris and Britnee
Brad and Britnee

For Brads birthday Britnee asked Mike to buy him a train ticket up to Olympia since she would be there that weekend so that her and Brad could hang out and get him some birthday gifts. They had alot of fun together and Brad was able to get to know Britnees boyfriend Chris better. They went on a tour of Washingtons State Capital, played bowling, mini golf and some shopping. They were able to watch the super bowl game at Chris's parents house which was alot of fun. It was nice that they were able to spend sometime together and hang out and have fun. I miss them both so much.


Thompson Tales said...

Britnee, you are funny!!! Thanks for adding this post, I love it and I miss and love you both so much, I want to be with you guys...thank you for spoiling Brad for his birthday...

The Moarefdoust Family said...

Diana, I know you hate facial hair, but it looks good on Brad. I'm glad he had a nice birthday with Brittany.

Thompson Tales said...

mom when are you posting photos of your love making room?