Monday, December 29, 2008


Boston Red Sox's World Series Plates 2004 and 2007 in the Absolute Club

I set of the alarm to the case by leaning against it. But no one came to turn the alarm off.

my awesome cousin dennis who gave me a tour of the park

outside of gate D of Fenway Park

the old wooden chairs that have been there forever i dont know how some people fit in them

Me and Dennis in the first row. It was crazy to be so close

up in the monster sitting area 65 feet high

the green monster left field post

In the EMC Club all the Silver baseball bats. Next to Ted Williams

Cy Young Awards Roger Clemens

outside the State Street Pav. cCub

Boston Red Sox Hall of Fame Me and the "Babe"

view from the press box (Jerry Remy)aka Rem Dog
Today I went to Fenway Park with my cousin Dennis who works there. My Great Grandpa Albie took me to the park. We rode the bus through where he grew up and talked about how much it has changed. The park right now is under construction so there was some parts that I could not go to but I was able to go see alot of different areas some that they dont even show you when you are getting a tour. I was able to see the EMC Club, The Suite where they have press conferences, The Press Box and a couple of different clubs that they have. It was so amazing to see the different news paper articles and jerseys that they had from back in the day. Also to see how they are changing it and how some of it still has areas thathave not changed for years. I was so excited to see all of it. And thanks to Dennis I was able to.


Rene said...

Britnee, that looks like such a fun trip! I love Boston! Isn't all of the history great to see? I went once about 18 years ago and would LOVE to go back! Hope you have a great time!

Thompson Tales said...

Britnee...i am so glad that you are having such an awesome trip!!! My side of the family is great....tell everyone ya, mom

Stacey said...

I want to go to Boston some day. Britnee seems like she had a ball! Little bit of a baseball fan I see. Diana, I miss you. I know you would have loved how cozy and white our Christmas was. How come you and Liz look nothing alike?

crawford. said...

i'm so jealous!!! boston is awesome!

Lizzie said...

Stacey: Diana & I look nothing alike because I'm cute.
No... she takes after the mom's side; I, our father's.