Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random pictures from Christmas

Brenton, Mike, me and Bristyn at Millies house.
Our nephew, Jace, on his Dads lap...and my sister, Michelle, who I never get a good picture of.

The cutest little boy in the world, our nephew, Jayton.

Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Brenton and Jacob.

Bristyn and Jamie.

Me and my sister, Liz.

This Christmas was kind of lonely....Britnee was in Boston with my mom and my side of the family, she is loving meeting everyone. Bradley is in Vancouver now and he spent it with Auntie Lil and her family. It was pretty quiet. I have been feeling horrible for about a month now and finally went in to the doctors....I have an ear infection, sinus infection and the flu. I should have gone to the doctors weeks ago, but I thought that it was just a cold, I am miserable, so miserable that on Christmas eve, I forgot to put the gifts under the tree...poor Bristyn and Brenton, on Christmas morning, there was nothing for them when they ran to the living room. I did feel like the worse mom. My head and body feel like they are going to explode!!! We went down to Denver to Millies house with the whole family to have Christmas dinner, which was alot of fun.


Mama Voss said...

That is so sad, but completely understandable... get well soon.

Shelly's Space said...

I'm so sorry you have been sick!! Poor girl!! I hope now that you've been to the Dr. you have medicine to help you get well very soon:)
I'm sure you will make it up to the kids....where was Mike?? I hope he's not sick too;

The Moarefdoust Family said...

I hope your feeling better by now. Call me!! Oh, how was Mike's surgery? Get him on the lap top to find us a place to stay. :o)

Lizzie said...

Okay... I noticed a few things that decorated your house at Christmas that I would like back (like my cake plate and christmas tree).