Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting organized

 The last couple of weeks, I have really been trying to get our home organized.  I have complained alot about the lack of storage that we have in our townhouse...we don't even have an utility closet, so I have to get creative on storage.  My "throw all" space is in my laundry closet, but this past week, I took everything out and either threw things away, or organized!  As you can tell, I have at least a year supply of laundry soap and softner!  I threw away all of the yucky old towels, lets just say that i had some towels that I have had since I got married!  I know, gross!  I just wish that I could get a new washer and dryer....dreaming!

The second space I have been working on is my kitchen cabinets.  My sister has spoiled me by working at LeCreuset and buying me all sorts of new fun things!  I finally gave away all of my old bowls, cooking pots and pans, pie pans, bread pans, EVERYTHING!  I love opening this cabinet and seeing all of these beautiful colors, it makes me happy!!


Lizzie said...

It's a good thing I quit when I did - you don't have any more room in your cupboard for anything else.

James and Laura Neibaur said...

Diana Diana! You need to call me! How are you...other than very organized, which I love! I'm inspired now to organize my place a little! I miss seeing all your cute new decorations all the time :)