Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bristyn and Savanna's graduation party

 Most of the cousins on my side of the brother was not able to attend, since he lives in Washington.

 My sister Liz, my sister, Michelle and me.....I know, I look the youngest!

On Friday, May 25th, we had a graduation party for Bristyn and Savanna!  Our biggest surprise was that Mike flew in Britnee and Caralynn.  Bristyn was so excited to see them, as was I.  I would say that the party was a huge success, there was over 150 people that attended.  The food was awesome, the decorations were great, and the company that we had were so much fun!  Bristyn and Savanna were so happy with the party, it made me feel really good after all the stress I had of putting it on!  I love these I keep saying, my life is totally going to change in August when the go away to college.

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