Friday, November 29, 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  This time of the year is when I yearn to have my whole family together.  I wish that we were closer to Britnee and her family.  It is hard when your kids grow up!  Bradley spend Thanksgiving  with Laurens family, but he is going to come up here this Sunday for dinner.  We went down to Brighton this year and had dinner at Millies, and it was delish!  I didn't do any Black Friday shopping, I decided that I wanted to spend my time with my family and friends.  It was a wonderful and relaxing day!  Now I am off to do my Christmas decorating!

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James and Laura Neibaur said...

Oh wow,I can't believe how much everyone has changed. I guess I only really saw Brenton and Briston. She's beautiful and Brenton is so tall and manly!!! How did that all happen so fast :(