Friday, February 18, 2011

Yearning for Spring

I am in desperate need of spring and nice weather. The last couple of days, the sun has been shining, but it has been crispy cold outside. I went out yesterday and picked some of these branches down the road from our condo, I love how they look in this urn. I need little changes in my decor to liven things up. Do you ever get bored with what you have? I seem to be in that rut lately. I can't wait until all of the flowers start bursting with color in the next couple of months, I love the spring!

Have I ever told you about my walking partner, Barb? She is awesome!! She is one of those friends who always knows what to say and makes me feel better about life and myself. She is also a great gift giver! Do you see that tiny clock on the scale? It is called a Tiny Tim and she got it for me for Valentines Day, I have never heard of Tiny Tim clocks, but it is very old. I love it. Also for Valentines Day, Mike got me a massage, lets just say, I need a massage from that massage!! I am feeling alot better today, but I know now that I have muscles where I never knew I had muscles!


Anonymous said...

I think EVERYBODY is longing for Spring to get here! I've been wanting to clip some branches off of my apple tree, but I keep forgetting... so busy right now.
Great gift from your friend... love the collection of clocks you have going! :)
Have a great day!
~ Jo

Lizzie said...

Sister, you are such a copycat. love you the best!

Kenna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The comment that was deleted was by me, but it was logged in to my mom's account. I love your branches! I had no idea they were real! You need to come and decorate my houses.
See you soon!

The Moarefdoust Family said...

I NEED Spring too!!!

Ashley May said...

I've added a few Springy touches to my home too. I figure if it's not gonna look like Spring outside I could at least make it look like Spring inside!! Love the little clocks!

Oh and, Logan got me a massage for V-day too! I still haven't gotten it yet. I'm excited though!!!!

Lizzie said...

oh my gosh! update your blog.