Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Christmas decor

Did it seem like the month of December came too quickly this year?? I can't get myself organized to do anything. I decided to keep my decorations to a minimum this you ever get tired of the decorations that you have? I am at that kids don't want me to get rid of any of the decorations because they love them and it reminds them of Christmas' past. I love looking at all of the inspiration in blogland! Makes me want to change out all of my decor! I haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet because snapfish hasn't sent me the pictures, and I was supposed to get them this past Wednesday (I was actually organized about doing the cards!) As for my baking, haven't even started that....not even done with my Christmas goal is to have everything done this next week!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diana!
I love the Christmas decorations you had at your house! Brenton did a really good job with wrestling! Can't wait to see you!

- Halee