Monday, December 14, 2009

Tougher than he looks!!!

We are so excited for our Brenton. This past season, Brenton decided that he wanted to wrestle, and frankly, the sport grosses me out. As everyone knows, Brenton is our mild, meek and timid child, but, as we learned, get him out on a wrestling mat, and he is a maniac!!! At the beginning of the season, we were VERY worried when we watched him wrestle, but as the weeks went on, we saw a huge change. I guess getting picked on by your older brother all of these years, paid off!! He wrestled in the 80 pound division, and he wrestled varsity for his school. He was so good about keeping to his diet and not putting on any weight. This past weekend was the district championship and Brenton came in 4th place, it was awesome (and very stressful for me to watch!!). He was the only 7th grader from he school to make it into the championship finals. By the end of the season, I was yelling and cheering instead of being grossed out, half the time, I kept thinking he would get ring worm or something!! We are very proud of him and what he accomplished. In January, he will start training for the Regional competition.


Britnee said...

I am so proud of my little boy. And you for finally posting about it and you even got some good photos. He is doing so good. I miss him. I miss you too. I cant wait for you guys to come visit me!!

The Moarefdoust Family said...

ooooh ringworm or the swine flu!!! Don't let him get cabbage ears either!! Actually I'm glad he's doing so well!! Great job!!!

Shelly's Space said...

That is so fun!! It's good that he is finding his niche:) He's grown up so much!! I'm glad you were able to stop yourself from being too grossed out.... (something only a mom could do!!) Congrats Brenton:)

Britnee said...

I am glad you like the background. I tried to find the one that would fit you best. Love you

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Thompson Tales said...

What the heck is that comment?