Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farm Chick treasures and other shopping stuff

Okay, I know, why in the world would I buy a big, red number 6? Because as soon as I saw it, I had to have it, that is why!!! I love it, I got it at the Lisa Souers booth, she had some really cool stuff at her booth. People ask why the number 6...because there are 6 of us in the Thompson family!!!
Love this sweet pillow that I put in the eating area. To me, it screams Farm Chicks!!!

I love this tea towel....I got it at Teresa Sheeleys booth at Farm Chicks. I wish that I had bought a couple more...I might just have to order some from her Etsy shop for my sisters cause I think that they would love them!!

Okay, I know that I am not the best photographer. I would really love to take a photography class and learn how to take pictures. Or maybe, I need a better camera. I got this clock at one of the booths at Farm Chicks. I wish that I could remember which booth, but I can't, I am bad that way!!!

Sorry this bracelet is so blurry....my friend, Jodee, got this for me and I love it. It has tiny pieces of watches in it, it is awesome, I have never seen anything like it. Oh, and my hands are swollen because I just got back from walking my 4 miles, and I am dying today because of it.

I got this car for Brenton. He loves slugbugs ever since Jodees daughter, Brannigan, got one in high school. When we first moved to Fort Collins, he would still look at every yellow slugbug to see if Brannigan was in it!!! I think that I got this car at Ross, love me some Ross!!!

I love Homegoods, that is all I have to say!!! It is the best store, and we don't have one here in Fort Collins. I got this apothecary jar there (and I got one for each of my sisters), and I got the cute candle holders at Monticellos in Portland, Oregon.


blondiensc said...

Love your finds from the Farm Chicks, those large #'s were awsome glad you went home with one of them! that little care is too cute! Oh and maybe your focus was on the wrong object in your clock photo... ;)

Lizzie said...

sister, I love my jar. thank you.

Annie said...

Your shopping finds are supreme. I'm jealous:)

May Family said...

I read about the farm chick thing on Brannigan's blog. I bet that was awesome.. you got some really cute stuff. That sick looks so cute. LOVE IT!

Brannigan said...

You got some great stuff at Farm Chicks! I'm so jealous...I wanted to go so bad!!! Did you check out the Duchess blog? I finally put some stuff on there. Enjoy!

ps-I'm glad my car inspired Brenton to like bugs! :)

Tina said...

I loved talking to you today. Yes, We did finally get the cat unstuck... Monticello's??? I've never heard of it. I love those candle sticks I am going to go see if I can find that store!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...


a little bit biased said...

I'll take that 6 - in a 4. Love it. Your house is so cute!