Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our visit to Phoenix

Diana and our sister in law, Angela
Bristyn, our niece Jess, nephew Josh and Brenton.

Mikes youngest brother, Keith.

Mike and the adorable, Bristyn.

Brenton and Josh in Uncle Keiths backyard.
For Spring Break this year, we took the kids and Bristyns friend, Kyra to Phoenix, Arizona and then to Las Vegas. It has been very fun and very hot!!! We went to Mikes brothers house and it was absolutely beautiful. Angela and Keith have done such a wonderful job with their house, we loved it and we felt so welcomed there. The kids loved hanging out with their cousins, and I loved the I said, I love the warm weather!!! I felt totally at home in Phoenix!!!


Dannielle Dilger said...

I think you should move is great weather! Camryn said Bristyn could babysit us all the time :) Glad you had fun on your vacation. Where in Phoenix do they live?

Shelly's Space said...

You mean there is actually a place on earth that isn't cold??? I love the green grass! It is very tropical looking in Phoenix..... I'm glad you got to see Mike's's always good for the cousins to see each other.