Friday, February 8, 2013

Bristyn has a new and improved bathroom

 One of the projects we wanted to do this year was to redo Bristyns bathroom that is in the basement.  Trust me when I say it was ugly and disgusting before...that is why I really don't have any before pics.  We gutted it about 3 weeks ago and we thought that we would have until March to finish it.  We wanted to surprise her and didn't think that she would be home until Spring break.  Well, last Monday she called and said that she would be home on Friday for the weekend!  That put us in a panic!  We love the results, it is so nice and bright!  I haven't done any decorating yet, but I love the tile floor and the vanity!  We still have some things left to do, like getting a new mirror, or just making a frame around the existing one, and decorating.  I have to say, my husband worked very hard on this project....Bristyn even loves it!
 This is the ugly vanity that was in the bathroom before!  So UGLY and cheap looking....hate it!!!
Don't you just love the big bulbs????  this is another before shot, its too bad I don't have any pics of the floor, it was so hideous!! 

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Britnee said...

Mother I love love it you and dad are amazing