Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brad is home!!!!

This past Thursday, Brad was released from boot camp and he came home!!!! We are so excited to have him back with us, he has really grown up. He has really bulked up in his chest area, it is like he is a man, sort of.....He seems so happy and we are happy for him. He is trying to find a job now and he plans to go to college in January. He would also like to continue running, which is something that we would really like to see also. We love you so much Brad.


The Moarefdoust Family said...

You should find out if Brad could coach one of the Jr. High or High School teams or if not, just volunteer to help with them. I'm glad he is home and I hope good things are in store for his future!!

Shelly's Space said...

That is a great idea Lisa!! Like I said....Brad is so handsome!!! He has so many talents and I'm sure he will make use of them:) Welcome home Brad!!!